LA Marathon Fundraiser for AKA-SoCal

My wife and I recently moved to Southern California.  Immediately, I thought what better way to see my new hometown than to run the local marathon!  So, on Sunday, March 20th, I will wake up in the wee hours of the morning and run from Dodger Stadium to Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica (as they say, from the “Stadium to the Sea!”).  If you are interested in learning more about the LA Marathon, click the following link:

Inevitably, during the race, I will hit a wall – my body and mind will be fatigued, my legs will feel like jello, and I will begin to daydream about all the yummy food in my refrigerator that I could be eating while lounging on my couch at home! I will wonder: “Why did I ever sign up to do this crazy thing?”

That’s when I’ll remember that I am running for a cause!  It’s the greatest motivation; truly.  Envisioning all the good that will result from my efforts immediately reminds me the struggle is worth it.

Please click the link below to support my run to raise funds for AKA-SoCal:

And next time around, there will  be more of us, right, Andrea, Robyn, Lee Anne, Carolyn?