2011 Membership Dues are Due

…and you can now pay them online using the Donate button on the left sidebar. The 2011 dues are $24 for the year. Your paid membership helps support AKASoCal to continue existing as an organization in our endeavors to outreach, support, and meet on an ongoing basis. In 2010, dues paid for:

1) business expenses, and required filings to keep us a 501(c)(3);
2) 10 sponsorships to the Asian American Film Festival in San Diego that featured 4 films by Korean Adoptees;
3) a small reception for our co-sponsorship of Deann Borshay’s LA premiere of “In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee”;
4) food for our first AKA all-chapters 2010 kick-off meeting.

Even with our small expenditures this year, we are still ending the year with a net loss (our dues revenue was not enough to cover the amounts listed here).
Also, $12 of the $24 goes to your chapter for purposes designated by your chapter.