About Us

AKA SoCal Leadership Team:
President – Mali Sheridan, Santa Barbara
Vice President – David Holland, Los Angeles
Treasurer – Betsy Schaffer, Santa Barbara
Secretary – Maria Taesil Hudson Carpenter, Los Angeles

Our Mission:

  • Provide emotional, social, and cultural support through informal gatherings, activities, and projects;
  • Increase awareness and understanding of interracial adoption, and primarily transracial Korean adoption, through education and outreach;
  • Encourage and facilitate educational, cultural, and support services for Korean adoptees;
  • Serve as a link between Korean adoptees and the Korean American community, the adoption community, and the general public;
  • Create an international network of Korean adoptees, adoptee organizations and related resources.


logoAKA SoCal is a member organization of IKAA

The mission of the IKAA Network is to enrich the global adoption community, promote the sharing of information and resources between adult adoptee associations, strengthen cross-cultural relations and innovate post-adoption services for the broader international adoptee community.

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