Adoption Research Project: Exploring the Relationship Between Adult Transnational Adoptees & Their Adoptive Parents

Aloha, Fellow Adoptee Organizations:

I am currently the Vice President of Korean Adoptees of Hawai’i (KAHI) which is also one of the primary sponsors of a Research Project I am working on with my adoptive mother.

I am writing, with my mother, to ask for your assistance in spreading the word about an adoption research project that explores the relationship between adult transnational adoptees and their adoptive parents. This project looks specifically at the manner in which adult transnational adoptees and their parents have negotiated the complex and often thorny issues related to adoptive, racial, and ethnic/cultural identity.

The research project has two complementary components:

1) The first component consists of a pair of on-line surveys that compare the responses of adult transnational adoptees and their adoptive parents across a variety of measures. We hope to obtain a large response for this survey, and would, therefore, appreciate your assistance in letting people know about it. The surveys can be accessed directly, using the following web links:

2) The second component consists of in-depth interviews with adoptee-parent pairs; that is, each interview set will include, not only an adult transnational adoptee, but also his/her adoptive parents. Please note that we anticipate conducting the adoptee and parent interviews separately and in varied locations across the U.S. beginning with interviews in Hawaii, Michigan, and Georgia during the spring and early summer of 2011. Later, we will travel to the West Coast (San Francisco, Portland, Seattle), the Mid-West (Minneapolis) and the East Coast (Washington, D.C./NYC area).

We have attached both a flyer and a handout that include more detailed information about the project. We would appreciate it if you could share this information widely by means of listservs, web sites, Facebook, and other online resources; through personal contacts; and/or by posting the information in appropriate locations.

To follow us on our Webpage, go to:

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Please feel free to contact one or both of us if you have questions or need further information.

Charlie Ritts

Interviewees needed for study about birth family reunions

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Sara Docan-Morgan, PhD
Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
321 Center for the Arts
University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
1725 State Street
La Crosse, WI 54601

Interviewees needed for study about birth family reunions


My name is Sara Docan-Morgan, and I am a Korean adoptee and an assistant professor of Communication Studies at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse.

I am conducting a research study that examines Korean adoptees’ reunions with their birth families. I am interested in adoptees’ communication (or lack thereof) with their adoptive families about these reunions, as well as the communication that takes place with birth families before, during, and after reunions. My overall goal is to better understand Korean adoptees’ birth family reunion experiences and the interactions that surround these reunions.

If you are a Korean adoptee 18 years or older and have reunited with your birth family, I would be honored to hear about your experience. I will be in the L.A. area the first two weeks of January and would be happy to set up an interview at a time and location convenient for you.  Interviews will last approximately 30-75 minutes, depending on the amount you would like to share. I am also able to schedule phone interviews for those who would like to share their story but who are unable to meet the first two weeks of January.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 507-450-3561, or e-mail me at

A little about me:
If you would like to see my faculty profile, please visit:

My work has recently been published in the Journal of Korean Adoption Studies, the Journal of Family Communication, and the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.