Community Calendar

General Meeting (Quarterly)

AKA SoCal has a meeting each calendar quarter to discuss general business of AKA SoCal, such as planning for future events, adoptee outreach, financial review, and other general business items.

Next General Meeting:

Tentative date: August 2014

One thought on “Community Calendar

  1. Aloha,
    My name is Bok-dong Yoon. I am a 60 year old Korean-Caucasian adoptee who looks more like a hauoli (Caucasian) than a Chosun homeboy. I am presently in Los Angeles and hoping to return to Hawaii nei (beautiful), soon. (I will explain the ‘soon’ part upon meeting).

    I am a member of Korean Adoptees of Hawaii (KAHI) since 2007. I have been on the Board of KAHI for the past 2 years.and recently resigned from the Board due to having to leave Hawaii. (Hopefuly, I am still on KAHI membership list…..if not, aigoo,aigoo).

    Anyhoo, I would like to come to an event/ meeting of your organiztion in Los Angeles to connect with like-minded Korean adoptees.
    Please contact me by e-mail and/or call me at (808) 699-3055.

    Yours truly,
    Yoon Bok-dong aka Andre Hall alias Hapa Chosun Homeboy

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