Support the Geographies of Kinship Campaign!

Support the Geographies of Kinship Campaign!
Geographies of Kinship – The Korean Adoption Story is the latest film from award-winning filmmaker, Deann Borshay Liem (First Person Plural and In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee). The film follows Korean adoptees from the U.S. and Europe on their journeys to reconnect with their birth country and piece together their past. Deann is raising funds for the production phase of the project. Please click here to view the trailer and help get this film made!

A Note from Deann
While traveling around the world with my previous films, I’ve met hundreds of Korean adoptees from the U.S., Europe, Australia and Canada and heard countless stories from adoptees of all ages – sometimes heartbreaking, oftentimes funny and ironic, always inspiring.

Geographies of Kinship presents a small handful of the amazing stories I’ve heard from around the world. We meet, for example, Estelle Cooke-Sampson, a bi-racial adoptee who revisits the orphanage where she grew up until she was adopted by an African American soldier. Emma Anderson is a Swedish adoptee who visits Korea for the first time and unexpectedly reunites with her birth mother. Meanwhile, Michael Holloway meets his birth family via webcam on a live television show. He is shocked to discover he has an identical twin.

We have already started development of the project and shot some interviews. We’re now asking for contributions via Kickstarter so that we can continue our momentum and complete the shooting phase of the film. Your support will help get all the elements we need for the film so we can start editing and make what I know will be a fantastic film.

There are all sorts of exciting prizes in exchange for your support. Please check out the Kickstarter campaign and pass this link along to all your friends!

Thank you in advance and happy viewing!

Deann Borshay Liem


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